[Melbourne-pm] Contract work: Documenting Perl Code

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Sep 5 21:11:16 PDT 2010

G'day folk,

One of our past clients has asked if we can recommend anyone for the following 
work.   We didn't write the code they want documented, and I suspect it's 
probably a mix of the most "interesting" aspects of Perl 4 and Perl 5, mixed 
together.  If you are interested, please reply to Paul and I 
(contact at perltraining.com.au) and we can introduce you.

I'm already going to mention that without seeing the code, agreeing with the 
anticipated time-frames is going to be a challenge.

Thanks in advance,


======================= Statement of work ============================

We are looking for a programmer with good documentation skills or someone who is 
good at documentation with Perl skills who can help us document the Perl code 
used by our [shopping cart] solution.

We have only one programmer working on and being completely familiar with the 
project, so need to get some documentation happening for ourselves but also 
because of a project we are trying to secure, which requires appropriate 
documentation of the system.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Below is a general overview of what we believe the task to entail.  The 
programmer will help, of course, but his English skills are not the best 

Overview (Time estimation : 1 week)

A high level view of the project, focusing on

-  An architectural overview of the GlobeCharge solution

-  A schematic diagram of the major scripts and database elements in the project

-  The location of the various elements within CVS.

-  Functional description of the various scripts

-  An overview of the folder structure of the GlobeCharge server

-  A list of all of the requirements for this program, including platforms, Perl 
version requirements, Perl modules included, other modules included, database 
requirements, memory and any other system requirements with a view to provide a 
outline of how an installation of this program on another system may take place

Templating (Time estimation : 2 days)

-  An outline of the Templating system as it is used in [the shopping cart], 
including the commands used by the Templating system, and the required location 
for the various elements as used by the system.

-  Documentation listing the use of the inline tags used by the Templating 
system and the formatting required for these tags.

-  Documentation explaining the use of the language

Database (Time estimation : 2 days)

-  A list of the databases, tables and elements used, showing the relationships 
used and outlining the use for each elements. The tables used form a simple 
relationship database schema.

-  A view of the database queries performed by [the shopping cart] with a view 
to improving either the queries or the table structure at a later date.

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