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Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sun Nov 14 22:09:00 PST 2010

john thornton <jdthornton at ozemail.com.au> writes:

> Thanks very much for that. I went to the site and downloaded the perl
> training book. Perldocs...so many.
> The only part that confuses me is that if
> # is a comment
> then why does the shebang line have any influence:
> #!/usr/bin/perl

It has no influence on *Perl*.  That magic incantation is a Unix feature,
not a Perl feature[1].  Anyway, the particular bit of magic is:

When Linux tries to run an executable that starts with that line, it reads out
the content and transforms this:


...into this...

   /usr/bin/perl -w /path/to/example/with/shebang

...automatically.  From a Perl point of view it then behaves exactly the way
it would if you wrote that command out longhand.


[1]  ...although IIRC it has some magic on some platforms.  Oh, well.

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