[Melbourne-pm] Not performing so well..

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Sun May 23 22:29:23 PDT 2010

So, I received some more optimisations for the Scala version..
After a while they descended into hideous, unmanageable code.. so I 
ignored though, and only kept things which kept the code seeming like 
that which a reasonable person might write.

I also made some tweaks to the Perl version.

With this, the results are now:

Small file:
Perl 0.744 seconds
Scala 0.842 seconds
Go: 1.55 seconds
C: 0.083 seconds

Medium file:
Perl: 7.12 seconds
Scala: 3.28 seconds
Go: 15.1 seconds
C: 0.780 seconds

Big file:
Perl: 71.2 seconds
Scala: 23.9 seconds
Go: 153 seconds
C: 7.83 seconds

I've improved the performance of the Perl test by doing stuff in a 
slightly less readable way, but hey, the Scala test is doing that now too..
However despite the large gains for the Perl version (114 down to 71 
seconds), the Scala version has leaped ahead, from 115 to 24 seconds.

Of possibly interesting note is the memory sizes:
Scala: 214 MB
Perl: 6 MB
Go: 2 MB
C: 0.5 MB

Now, when is someone going to submit a Perl6 version?

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