[Melbourne-pm] CPAN Testers and build_requires support.

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon May 10 19:57:21 PDT 2010


I have recently uploaded my first module[1] to CPAN, and started to get
CPAN Testers reports back about it — including a couple of fails, because one
of the tests requires Test::More 0.88 and doesn't have it available.

I used Dist::Zilla to package it up, and it emitted the testing requirements
into the "build_requires" section of META.{yml,json}, which I understand is
the correct approach.

Dist::Zilla ships an EU::MM based Makefile.PL for this distribution.

Anyway, the two reports I have so far are both 'fails', because they don't
have the requisite version of Test::More available.

I can't find any guidance on how wide-spread build_requires support is; is
this about the level I should expect: 6 pass to 2 fail on day one of testing?

Is there anything else I can do to improve this?  I don't mind, for example,
shipping a Module::Build script rather than EU:MM if that makes things more
likely to succeed.

Also, the approach Dist::Zilla takes with the 'configure_requires' and
'build_requires' keys is to remove them when running on an older version of

Is a better approach to add them to 'requires', but only on older versions of
EU::MM, so that the generated code has those extra details on platforms that
don't support the newer fields?

Oh, and finally, if anyone has any comments on the module — for all that it is
really about as trivial as a module can be and all — I would welcome them
publicly or privately.


[1]  http://search.cpan.org/~danielp/Log-Any-Adapter-Syslog-1.0/

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