[Melbourne-pm] New course: Enterprise Perl to launch in May 2010

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Mar 28 15:48:52 PDT 2010

G'day folk,

As I have mentioned to some of you over the last few weeks, Perl Training
Australia is working on a new course, which we are launching in May this year.
It's called Enterprise Perl, and it exists to teach people who already know all
the Perl basics, the things they might have missed out on learning about if they
haven't been paying close attention to all the new shiny things that have
arrived in Perl over the last few years. I hope to see a few of you on the course.

Questions, and recommendations for technologies we might not have noticed are
very much welcome!


New course: Enterprise Perl


Running in Melbourne: 3rd - 7th May 2010.  Book before 4th April to receive your
early bird free book.  Ask nicely if you want a small extension.

Course description:

You already know Perl. You write in Perl regularly, you may have even released
some code to the CPAN but are you sure you're doing it right? Languages and
techniques evolve over time, and Perl is no exception.

This course will cover many of the best modern and practical techniques in Perl,

    * How to gain feedback and enforce coding standards with Perl::Critic.
    * Starting your project on the right foot, without repeating yourself, using
    * Module documentation and POD.
    * Test-driven development, test coverage, advanced testing.
    * Fundamentals of old-style object orientation.
    * Using Moose for flexible object oriented design, including inheritance,
	roles, types and coercion, and how to integrate with old-style OO.
    * Error handling code with autodie and Try::Tiny.
    * Wizardly work with databases, using DBI and DBIx::Class.
    * Profiling your code with Devel::NYTProf, and examining your test suite
	coverage with Devel::Cover.
    * How to bundle your code and dependencies with PAR, the Perl Archiver.

Target audience

Perl programmers with a thorough understanding and at least 3 months practice of
the material in our Programming Perl course. Enterprise Perl will bring you up
to date with modern standards of Perl programming.

Group discount

Make a single booking for three or more people on the same course and
receive a 5% discount per person.

Referral bonuses

Refer your friends and colleagues to us, and get a free book for each
booking mentioning you, made before the early bird date.  Books can be
selected from our list at:


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