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It might be worth considering using some cool collaborative 'disruptive'
technology to capture the data - I have noted a rapid increase in the use of
Google Wave for collaborative talk/lecture notes in real time (albeit not
always successfully - but a lot of fun.)  Resultant text and images (now
including doodles!) could be posted to a wiki or whatever at end of the talk
- or just continue to exist as a public wave. (BTW - Would anyone like an
invite to Google Wave?)


On 17 March 2010 23:27, Sam Watkins <sam at nipl.net> wrote:

> hi,
> I usually take notes about the talks while listening at perl-mongers and
> other
> meetings (only just starting going to perl-mongers actually).  I was
> thinking,
> maybe it would be useful if I type up my notes and put them on the web, we
> could have a sort of record of what happened and it would be good to show
> to
> colleagues who didn't attend.  This month, I thought some really useful
> stuff
> was covered.
> We could do this via a wiki I guess so that people could fix what I write
> or
> help with it e.g. if I'm away or asleep!  :)  and I could post summaries to
> the
> list and possibly be a single point of nag to get speakers to publish their
> slides.
> What do you think?  Could we set this up on the perl mongers' site?  or I
> can
> do it on my own website.  Would it discourage or encourage attendance?
> Sam
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