[Melbourne-pm] Which CPAN module for a CLI appilcation?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Fri Mar 12 00:13:02 PST 2010

"Ryan, Martin G" <Martin.G.Ryan at team.telstra.com> writes:

> Can anyone comment on;
> + The module/dist/framework App::CLI

Looks nice enough, but less featured than App::Cmd.

> + The moudle/dist/framework MooseX::App::Cmd

This is App::Cmd, which I have used, with added Moose.  Next time I write a
tool that has multiple, independent command-line functions I will probably use

For "just one function" CLI things, MooseX::Getopt and/or
MooseX::ConfigFromFile probably serve just as well.

> + The module/dist/framework CLI::Application

Looks cute, but it doesn't do Moose, and pretty much everything it does seems
to be achievable with a combination of MooseX::App::Cmd and MooseX::Plugin or

> + Some other module/dist/framework that you find useful for writing small
>   CLI apps?

I used raw App::Cmd a while back, before Moose was about, and was very happy
with it.  If you don't want Moose I would probably recommend that.


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