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This may be of interest to Linux based businesses on the list

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Subject: [Osia-discuss] CSI for Linux straight from the ATO - get it qquick
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 19:46:15 +1100
From: Andrew Greig <pushin.linux at gmail.com>
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Hi all,

As you know I still hold the Linux version of the ATO's ECI client.  A
java program to assist in the submission of BAS statements to the ATP
Electronically.  After I installed about a year  ago it immediately went
into upgrade and I held my breath.  No it didn't vaporise it as I
expected, Yes , it did perform an upgrade which still works well.

Chapter 2.  Now it is time for me to renew my digital certificates with
the ATO.  It seems I cannot do it with the CSI client built into the ECI
client.  I must now have  a separate CSI client.  So I wrote to the ATO
explaining that there used to be a CSI client for Linux, albeit buried
in the FAQ.  The FAQ have been updated and the link is no longer there,
and I asked the friendly people at the ATO where it was now.  Initially
I was given the run-around, the normal nonsense:

We don't support Linux, insignificant number of businesses, it is not
the same as access for the disabled, we do support Windows and Mac.
Will probably never support Linux.

On Friday morning last, (I have been away for the weekend) I received a
call from a friendly Tech from the ATO, who asked me if I had performed
the song and dance with the Mac version (a la Whirlpool), or whether I
had tried the Windows version under Wine, I answered "no" to both.  Then
he gave me this link to the CSI files for Linux:


My advice to those on these lists who need to deal electronically with
the ATO is to grab this file as quick as you can, and to let other LUGs
know as quick as you can, because when the ECI client for Linux was
advertised on these lists, the file was pulled in 2 hours.  And we have
had nothing but lies and denial from the ATO from then(Aug 2005) until
now. Certainly there is a company in the USA which could not afford for
Linux to gain a toe-hold in Australian business, and they will be very
quick to tell the ATO to yank this file also.

Andrew Greig

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