[Melbourne-pm] Does this mean I can now log into javascript-crippled websites?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Thu Jun 17 04:44:34 PDT 2010

Nathan Bailey <nathan.bailey at monash.edu> writes:

> eg. https://signon.bigpond.com/login ?
> which I'd like to script to check my current usage allowance on my cable
> modem...
> It seems to be more focused on just programming in JS, rather than in running
> JS that is embedded in web pages. Last time I tried scripting  with JavaScript
> and SpiderMonkey it didn't go that smoothly :P
> I note there is also WWW::Mechanize::Firefox, perhaps that's a better way to
> go.

There was a patched version of WWW::Mechanize that did use (one of) the Perl
JavaScript implementation to allow this.  I don't think it made it into the
main distribution however.


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