[Melbourne-pm] Does this mean I can now log into javascript-crippled websites? (Was: Announce: JSP v1.0)

Nathan Bailey nathan.bailey at monash.edu
Thu Jun 17 01:12:11 PDT 2010

eg. https://signon.bigpond.com/login ?

which I'd like to script to check my current usage allowance on my  
cable modem...

It seems to be more focused on just programming in JS, rather than in  
running JS that is embedded in web pages. Last time I tried scripting  
with JavaScript and SpiderMonkey it didn't go that smoothly :P
I note there is also WWW::Mechanize::Firefox, perhaps that's a better  
way to go.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Salvador Ortiz Garcia <sog at msg.com.mx>
> Date: 10 June 2010 7:33:06 AM
> To: perl-javascript at perl.org
> Subject: Announce: JSP v1.0
> I'm happy to announce the first release (1.00) of the JSP Perl  
> module, an open source bridge between Perl and Mozilla's  
> SpiderMonkey JavaScript engines.
> JSP is a datatype reflection engine and an object life cycle  
> synchronizer.
> JSP allows you to write programs using both languages at the same  
> time.
> Features:
>  * Objects and other values pass freely between interpreters. They
>    are encapsulated in specialized classes, giving them correct
>    semantics on their non-native interpreter. Values and objects and
>    are "alive".
>  * All Perl classes are exportable to JavaScript.
>         // Use DBI from javascript
>         Sys.install('DBI', 'DBI');
>         var dbh = DBI.connect(...);
>         dbh.prepare(sqlstement);
>  * Easy to build on supported javascript engines.
>  * Builds against SpiderMonkey 1.7.0 up to (unreleased) 1.8.5 (Gecko
>    1.9.3).
>  * Exceptions pass freely between interpreters. A language can
>    handle, in a native way, exceptions thrown from the other
>    language. In JavaScript you use /throw, try and catch/. In Perl
>    you use /die, eval and $@/. You can /cath/ a perl's /die/ and also
>    after an /eval, $@/ will be set to the error /throw/n.
>  * Perl can access and manipulate javascript's /this/.
>  * Full support for utf8 even when SpiderMonkey wasn't compiled with
>    support for it.
>  * A command line *jsp* javascript interpreter included for
>    standalone javascript execution.
>  * Big test battery. Almost 1000 tests.
>  * Extensive reference documentation.
> Requirements:
>   Perl 5.8 or higher
>   SpiderMonkey 1.7 or higher
> Get it from your nearest CPAN site at: http://search.cpan.org/dist/JSP/ 
>  or visit us at http://jsp.msg.mx
> The JSP project is looking for both developers and users.
> I'd appreciate your comments and feedback.
> Thank you,
> Salvador Ortiz

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