[Melbourne-pm] OSDC 2010 Call for Presentations!

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Jul 27 20:30:17 PDT 2010

Toby Corkindale wrote:
> May I suggest that the www.osdc.com.au website is updated?
> It still says "2009 is coming!" and goes on to talk about the 2009 
> conference in Brisbane.

Believe me, that was annoying both Ben, who is currently doing almost all of the 
organising singled-handed - volunteers appreciated, and myself.  Petitions to 
the website owner hadn't gained access to change the main site, but fortunately 
we were able to work around this yesterday and you'll notice that both 
http://www.osdc.com.au/ and http://2010.osdc.com.au/ look a lot different now.

A proper submissions system is only a day or so away, but submissions by emails 
are coming in just fine.  :)

All the best,


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