[Melbourne-pm] good Mason tutorials?

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Tue Jul 20 18:11:58 PDT 2010

I meant to hit reply all :(

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Hi Malcolm,

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 11:05 AM, Malcolm Herbert <melbourne-pm at mjch.net>wrote:

> Firstly, I guess - is it still receiving much use?  I know it's part of
> RT, but that's about the only Mason application I know of ...

Yes. Mason is pretty cool. Apache 2 can be a bit frustrating at times though
:) There a number of companies in Melbourne that I know of that use Mason.
If you're wondering if it's still in much use, check out their active
mailing list.

> I have the Mason book but wondered whether there were any other
> step-by-step tutorials on Mason that people would recommend ... I can
> find a number with Google but they're either early 2000 era or pretty
> sketchy or both ...

The Mason book is pretty good and straight forward. Once you have that under
your belt, you should be able to do anything in Mason. Also, if you're
interested in seeing any code, here's something from a while back I created:


Have fun.

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