[Melbourne-pm] [OT] Meeting intervals

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Tue Jan 12 18:53:53 PST 2010

Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> G'day folk,
> Due to a lack of firm venue plans; there won't be a normal Melbourne PM meeting
> tonight.  Alec looks eager to meet at Beer Deluxe and enjoy their wifi; other
> venues have been suggested.  Stay tuned to any announcement from him for further
> details.
> I hope to see you all on the 10th February.
> In the meantime, if your workplace wants to host some very friendly (and tidy!)
> folk every second Wednesday of the month... drop the mailing list a note.

As an aside - does anyone else frequently mis-parse declarations like 
"every second wednesday of the month"?

I mean, if I spread out my cutlery draw's contents into a long line of 
forks, spoons and knives, and said to someone "take every second spoon 
from the draw", I'd assume they'd pick up half the spoons there, rather 
than just the second one in the line.

I guess it's just a failing of our language; both are valid interpretations.

How about "It occurs monthly on the second wednesday of the month", 
although that bugs me as well.

Are there any groups out there who meet by other iterations?
ie. Every second week.
Every fourth week.
Every 36.525 days, to get ten meetings a year. (The .5 would be great, 
you could alternately have lunch and evening meetings! :)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled viewing..

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