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    * OSDC.TW calls for papers

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[0]hcchien writes "We are glad to announce the [1]OSDC.TW 2010 will be at
2010/4/24-25 in Acadmeia Sinica, Taipei. So it's time to call for papers
now. If you work for any interesting open source projects. It is a good
time to introduce your projects to the open source developers in Taiwan.
And sure, we would like to get the talks about the developing tips and
experence sharing. The deadline of call of paper is 31th, January, 2010.
And we accept three kind of talks:

tutorial: 3 hours, and we would provide the flight fee if the speakers
are out of Taiwan. session: 1 hour.
lightning talk: 5 minute.

If you are interesting to submit the papers, please isending mail to
[2]submit at osdc.tw, and including the author intro and extract."

Discuss this story at:

    0. mailto:hcchien at hcchien.org
    1. http://osdc.tw/
    2. mailto:submit at osdc.tw

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