[Melbourne-pm] looking for script to save weeks of slogwork

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Sun Dec 5 20:30:23 PST 2010

On 06/12/10 15:21, john thornton wrote:
>    Hello
>                I don't know if this is done in python,perl or what the
> blazes. Let me explain.
>                I am a student at a college. It has a forum whose
> adminstator has agreed to my request, as a student, to give PM
> privileges to all students. Now, since all students get automatic status
> on the forum, virtue of their student number, the admin has told me this:
> I have been following up on the Private Messaging permissions for all
> students as I think it is a valuable function for students to use. It looks
> as though we will have to manually give individual students permission to
> send PMs to each other. With thousands of students registered as users on
> the forums, this is not a small task. We will start with the top 200 or so
> users who frequently use the forums and go on from there.
>           ******
>           Now, instead of this slogwork is there any script that could do
> it quickly? A python script? php?perl? I don't know what the technology
> behind the forum is. I could ask if that will help people here advise
> me. But for now I am trying to keep my question uncluttered and simple.
> It does seem to me to be a task that a lot of forums would be faced with.

Your forum will have a database back-end; just log into that and write 
an SQL query.

UPDATE users SET private_messaging_enabled = true;

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