[Melbourne-pm] Designing modules to handle large data files

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Aug 25 22:06:21 PDT 2010

Kostas Avlonitis <dsk_gr at hotmail.com> writes:
> On 25/08/2010 5:26 PM, Adam Clarke wrote:
> [snip]
>> The original quote was " (STOMP, I am lookin' right at you, here.)" So I
>> think you'll find that the thing being looked at was STOMP not Sam.
>> http://stomp.codehaus.org/
>> I suspect that STOMP couldn't care less :)


> ...ooops, that's embarrassing. I have to apologise to Daniel and the list
> here.  Was not aware of the STOMP protocol - thought it was some kind of
> aggressive, pounding emphasis to the sentence.  I'll now go back to lurking.

Hey, don't be embarrassed: I managed to completely miscommunicate my
intentions and all, so your error was trivial by comparison.


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