[Melbourne-pm] Strawberry Perl and PAR (was Re: Run Perl Script from HTML)

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Thu Sep 24 18:23:57 PDT 2009

scottp at dd.com.au writes:

> Instead of active state, consider strawberry Perl & par

Ah, a recommendation for those tools!  Excellent!

That presumably means that you have worked with them.  Other than the standard
PAR problems, like five-year-old bugs causing it to do the wrong thing when it
comes to detecting changed libraries, how well does this work?

Specifically, how well does that combination work for applications on Windows
with random CPAN stuff, potentially including XS code?  Does it just work(tm),
or are there rough edges?

Do you usually use the "spit out an exe" model, or just bundle a Perl scripts
or PAR suitable for use with parl on the machine?

We presently have a need to solve the problem of distributing worker software
to a number of machines, and I really don't want to go down the path of
forcing every job to update installed software; that makes for a lot of

PAR *sounds* nice, and it beats having to write our own equivalent, but I am
still a bit nervous about how well it will fly in practice on Windows...

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