[Melbourne-pm] Run Perl Script from HTML

Adrian Masters adrian at ash-blue.org
Thu Sep 24 15:53:58 PDT 2009


If the number of variables is small, and there is no filtering of values to get the graphs, you could generate the graphs as PDFs or PNGs and send
them with the CSV file. You could also send an updated menu/list HTML file.

All static, all blindingly fast and browser/OS agnostic. You only need Perl + some graphics modules on the server & don't need to install any

If there's filtering, or a large number of variables/variatons, then....


> Hello all
> A number of responses already - Thanks!
> I should perhaps provide a few more details.  I need to provide a very
> simple graphing application.  A number of clients will be receiving a
> CSV file on a weekly basis and need to be able to graph and trend a
> number of the fields against a date field which is also included in
> the file.
> Requirements:
> - Cannot assume that the receivers will have MS office (or else they
> could possibly use Excel or Access)
> - There will be no Webserver available
> - Needs to work on Windows, Linux, Mac
> - cannot assume any particular web browser
> Cheers
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