[Melbourne-pm] Top 100 fail bug-squash, TONIGHT, 6:30pm

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Tue Sep 8 20:52:49 PDT 2009

G'day Everyone,

Reminder for tonight's meeting:

   When:   TONIGHT, 9th September, 6:30pm

   Where:  Remasys Pty Ltd
           Level 1
           180 Flinders St
           MELBOURNE VIC 3121

   What:   The Great Melbourne Perl Mongers Bug Squash!

I've had a brief chat to Adam Kennedy about potential modules in need of
bug-squashing.  He's actually come up with some fantastic suggestions.

If you look at the *Volatile 100* (not the FAIL 100) list at:


You'll notice there's a big plateau which then drops off.  That plateau are
essentially the modules used to install code from the CPAN.  If they fail,
then everything is broken downstream.

Adam suggested the triaging bugs in that list in particular would go a long
way to making everything else work better.  In particular, "bugs" will tend
to fall into one of three categories:

	* A real bug
	* A false positive that can be fixed
	* A broken system

The third ones we can't do much about, but the first two we can.  Real bugs
can potentially be patched, and false positives can often be worked around
(you're on X which acts funny with Y, we'll skip tests Z).  We can triage
bugs without needing the systems they appear on, which makes things easier
from an architecture standpoint.

Adam also suggested three modules in the FAIL 100 that are known to be in
need of attention:

  * FCGI
  * Test::Class
  * List::MoreUtils (requires C programming skills)

I'm afraid I'm going to be swamped with work for the rest of the day, so I
won't be able to do much digging in depth, but this does give us a start for
tonight's meeting, which may be meta-bug-squashing (finding the bugs that
can be squashed).

I also have a list of bugs and improvements needed for autodie that's about
as long as my arm, should anyone want them.  ;)

See you all tonight,


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