[Melbourne-pm] Google Wave Anyone?

Toby Wintermute tjc at wintrmute.net
Wed Oct 28 17:29:35 PDT 2009

2009/10/28 Alec Clews <alec.clews at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> In a vain attempt to find something useful to do with Google Wave I have
> started a MELB PM Wave.
> Contact me at alecclews at googlewave.com to be added.

I'm sad that I've had to brush up on Javascript in order to use Wave
stuff. (And Java for Android)
Waah.. Where's the Perl love gone?

In other news; I'm liking Moose a lot, especially since the .9 release
with all the built-in attributes and corresponding traits.. but I'm
curious to know what everyone else thinks of Moose.
It's evidently superior to Perl's existing OO framework, which has
been showing it's age and tacked-on-afterwards feel for a long time..
but on the other hand, Moose involves learning a quite different
syntax, and in some ways you're barely working in Perl.. and if you
wanted to learn whole new syntax, you could have learnt Ruby or Jython
or NOOP instead.

I see Moose as good because it enables you to update Perl and it's
objects, while still retaining compatibility with existing code and
CPAN. I think we all agree that CPAN is a major strength of Perl.
UNLIKE fun things like DBIx::Class or Catalyst, Moose only has a few
dependencies so it's not hard to install, or persuade your sysadmins
to install. (Although of course, the debian-stable packaged version is
too old to really satisfy.)
However, Moose does really appreciate a Perl 5.10.x running it; it'll
work fine on 5.8.x but you get a measureable performance hit. (But
hey, when even Debian is packaging perl 5.10, you *know* you're behind
the times if you're still on 5.8, right?)

What are your feelings on the matter?


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