[Melbourne-pm] Senior Perl Programmer wanted

David Dick ddick at iinet.net.au
Wed Oct 14 03:21:52 PDT 2009

Remasys is looking to hire a senior Perl programmer.  We need someone 
who is very comfortable with programming in a linux environment, using 
CPAN and mysql. This is not a web/html job, instead the primary focus 
will be on improving/extending the functionality of a set of unix 
daemons and helping with the installation/setup of Remasys software at 
new client sites.  An additional responsibility will be maintaining the 
build environment.  Extra points are awarded for familiarity with 
branching, tagging, the FHS, atomic filesystem operations and oddly 
enough any experience with Win32 gui programming.

Remasys is actively engaged in maintaining and selling two products, a 
systems management product and a file transfer product that you will be 
required to maintain and extend.

As part of the job, you will get exposed to a wide variety of protocols, 
rfcs and software installations and expected to get involved with 
understanding, mapping out and automating complex environments as well 
as creating tools to make it easier to carry out these processes.

Our office is on flinders st opposite federation square, quite close to 
the station.  We have a small group of skilled people working in a open 
plan environment and the development model would be classified as agile. 
The director comes from a technical background, so it is easy to discuss 
requirements and make proposals for improvements.  Required overtime is 
definitely the exception rather the rule and time-in-lieu is happily 
granted on all such occasions.

If anyone is interested and available, please send a resume to 
jobs at remasys.com.  Happy to talk off-list if anyone wants to ask questions.

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