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andrew Dent sgc294 at internode.on.net
Thu Oct 1 20:21:38 PDT 2009

G'day John

You have two choices.
1. Fix up the Windows File Types so that file extensions with .pl are 
executed with the perl.exe binary
2. Use this syntax to run your .pl files at a command prompt.
perl perlme.pl

1. You can use the "Folder Options"->"File Types" tool from Windows 
Explorer to do this, or the command line
Oddly enough the dos command used to set this up called ftype has 
instructions to setup .pl and Perl in its helpfile that is embedded into 
  ftype /?
to see the help file. You'll need to ensure your PATH environment 
variable is setup to point to eh Strawberry Perl binary.

2. Make sure that the path to your Strawberry Perl installation is 
included in your PATH environment variable.
Type set PATH at a command prompt.
If you see C:\strawberry\perl\bin; in the output (our something 
different depending on where you loaded Strawberry Perl into) then your 
ok. Otherwise edit your PATH variable via Control Panel.



ajthornton wrote:
>         Hello
>              I am a student of graphics design and .NET/java/XML
> programming. I don't know what sort of skillset this leads to -
> computational graphics designer!? :)
>              Anyway, I don't mean by the above to imply that I have any
> ability at, or knowledge of, programming. In fact I am an idiot at computers
> in general. Anyway, after resurrecting a 64 MB RAM Packard Bell computer,
> nuking Windows 98 with GpARTED, and putting in Puppy Linux 4.3 instead,
> maybe I know a little bit. It is completely offline and unless I can find an
> ancient hard modem will never go  online. Anyway, Puppy Linux has one
> programming language already on it: Perl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [from
> memory 5.8 or something]. Puppy also has a primitive but effective text
> style IDE. 
>             So I thought after going to the trouble of resurrecting such a
> monster and finding Perl on it, that I would put aside my loathing for Perl
> that I have said on this list many times, and at least mess about with some
> very simple Perl programs. 
>             So I started with my main online PC [this one: a dual booted
> Windows XP/kubuntu 9.04 box] and found strawberry perl. Downloaded starberry
> perl, it pops up in -v in windows cmd line, and has the cpan etc things
> [whatever cpan is] in the program list. So I got out notepad and cut and
> pasted a program into notepad++:
>             #!/usr/local/bin/perl
> #
> # Program to do the obvious
> #
> print 'Hello world.';		# Print a message
>             ***
>                Then I saved this as perlme.pl and put it in the Perl bin
> part of strawberry dir [I don't why this usually works - but I did find with
> Ruby that I have to whack the sourcew code file into the bin folder for the
> program to work on command line]. So I went to cmd in windows and typed
> perlme.pl and windows notepad appears with the entire raw sourcecode in it.
> Not the desired outcome. Then I search for forums. There is so much stuff on
> the net that I am bamboozled and forums for beginners appear to be lost in
> the fog. 
>             OK. If anyone feels that as a beginner that I am intruding on
> the list I will say this much: [1] the above pt is where more people give up
> a programming language entirely - no contest - they can't get perl-v to pop
> up in the command line, basically can't get the car to start. [2] Some of
> you teach Perl. The above is pretty much the thought process of someone who
> tries perl for about the first 5 mins. 
>             I have lost count of the number of languages that I have
> downloaded the guts of it and gone cmd/language blahblah -v and seen "file
> not recognised" and turned my back on it. There is a reason why I use mainly
> IDEs. My track record for getting command line programming to work is pretty
> lousy. I have Netbeans. IDE. I have QT4. IDE. I have Pelles. IDE. So if
> somebody can come up with a Perl IDE, yeah, I will use that.
>             John      
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