[Melbourne-pm] Melbourne.pm bug triage report

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Thu Nov 19 20:54:09 PST 2009

G'day Melb.pm and p5p,

Here's the long overdue report on the great Melbourne Perl Mongers bug triage.

We managed to properly triage an estimated 68 tickets at Melbourne Perl
Mongers (many thanks to Myf White for calculating this), along with about 14
which would have been completely triaged if I had all the meta-tickets
properly set up.  That's about 82 tickets total, which is pretty darn
awesome for a single night and not the world's best wireless access[1].  A
huge thank-you to all the Melbourne.pm volunteers!

If you want to run your own triage event, then here's a few recommendations:

* Work in pairs or small groups.

* Make sure meta-tickets are well-known beforehand.
  On http://rt.perl.org/rt3/ these currently are:

	* RT 69710 - Perl 5.12.0 - Showstoppers
	* RT 70369 - Perl 5.12.0 - Expert assessment required
	* RT 70421 - Perl 5.12.0 - Non-critical
	* RT 70371 - Perl 5.005  - End of life
	* RT 70373 - Perl 5.6.x  - End of life

* Have someone on-hand to give people privileges.  Not everyone will have
  them sorted out beforehand.

* It's nice to have 5.10.1 floating around. A lot of old (5.6.x)
  bugs can just be closed if it's fixed in the most recent

* Break list of bugs into chunks and hand to each group.  This avoids
  double-triage of bugs.

* Go through an example or two as a group on a projector first, if you

All the best,


[1] Federation square wifi allows outgoing http, but nothing else.
    No easy hopping on IRC.

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