[Melbourne-pm] Projector - DVI?

toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Tue Nov 10 14:22:28 PST 2009

----- "Tony Smith" <ts at meme.com.au> wrote:
> On 10/11/2009, at 7:18 PM, Toby Corkindale wrote:
> Oh, does the projector at Remasys have a DVI plug?
> My macbook has a DVI output. (Well, in theory it has a VGA output too,
> but I don't have the adaptor.)
> I'll have the VGA adaptor for my two year old MacBook with me. We know
> it works with the Remasys projector. Not quite so sure how wide a
> range of MacBooks it works with. I know it isn't interchangeable with
> the one I had earlier for a Mac Mini.

Thanks Tony.
I have a three year old MacBook.
I know that its external video port is not compatible with the adaptors I had for my previous apple laptop.. nor are they compatible with the adaptors for the latest apple lappies either.
(Mine is a Mini-DVI. The latest ones are Mini-DisplayPort.)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini-DVI <-- that's what mine looks like..


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