[Melbourne-pm] Next meeting: 11th Novermber - 5.12 bug triage!

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Tue Nov 3 22:37:46 PST 2009

G'day Melbourne.pm,

Our next meeting is just over a week away, on November 11th, and I'm going
to hijack it for my own nefarious purposes.

Actually, I'm going to hijack it so that we can get Perl 5.12 out the door
by Coptic Christmas[1].

Jesse Vincent, the new Perl 5.12 pumpking, has asked me to help manage bug
triage in preparation for the 5.12 release.  In short, we need to figure out
if there's any showstopping bugs that have to be fixed in 5.12.  Helping
sort other bugs, pushing patches to p5p, merging duplicates, and closing
bugs that have been fixed (or aren't bugs in the first place) are all
bonuses.  None of this is particularly hard, and most of it doesn't require
any special access or special knowledge, provided that you already know Perl.

The hard part is inspecting 1,500 bug reports.

I'm in the process of drafting a plan that will mean that there won't be a
need to walk through 1,500 bug reports again.  I'll let you all know how
that works when I've figured that out myself.  :)

I'm not expecting Melbourne.pm to knock over 1,500 bug triages.  I am,
however, expecting us to make a decent dent.  I'm also hoping to turn the
bug triage into something of a competition between Perl Mongers groups, and
quite frankly, I'd like us to win.  This gives us a head start[2].  ;)

More details to follow later.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,


[1] 7th January 2010.  Actually getting 5.12 released by then will be a
push, but we need a release deadline to plan all the other ones.  Actual
results may vary.

[2] I'm also hoping that so many people will be outraged by my blatant
favouritism of Melbourne.pm that they'll organise their own bug-triage
events. ;)

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