[Melbourne-pm] Hash Containing Array

Gerd Berner gberner at intraspect.com.au
Sat Mar 21 18:03:23 PDT 2009

Hello all

I'm having a few problems with some basic object oriented methods.  My  
constructor and set method works fine, but I'm struggling to read the  
keys back from the object once it is created.  My methods are attached  
below along with a screen dump of the created object.  Any help would  
be greatly appreciated.

     sub new
     my $class=shift;
     my $self = {};
     $self->{_ACC_VIA_RULE}= {};
     $self->{_ACC_VIA_PRIV}= [];
     $self->{_CAN_UPDATE_RULE} =[];
     bless ($self,$class);
     return $self;

     sub set_acc_via_rule
     my $self = shift;
     my $key = shift;
     my @val = @_;
     foreach my $val (@val)
             unshift @{$self->{_ACC_VIA_RULE}{$key}},$val;

     sub get_back_keys
     my $self = shift;
     my ($key,$value);
     while (my ($key,$value) = each ($self->{_ACC_VIA_RULE}))
         {unshift @keys,$key;}
         return @keys;

Type of arg 1 to each must be hash (not hash element) at  
acf2_dataset.pm line 122, near "})"



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