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David david at naturalpractice.com.au
Wed Mar 4 19:28:34 PST 2009

Hi All,

My apologies for clogging up this list with something slightly off
topic, but I know that there are a number of people on this list who
dabble in other languages, and I've been caught a bit short on some
urgent work. So, if you, or someone you know, has experience with php
and perl, and are interested in some flexible contract work starting
soon (ie next week), please read on. If not please delete this mail and
I apologise for taking up your time.

We have a client that is ready to launch into stage 2 of development for
an online social media site. The site is an online video community
dedicated to video games and gaming. The construction of the first phase
is complete and the site will be launched within the next week, and the
client now wants to move ahead with a number of changes and
enhancements. We are looking for someone that is:

based in Melbourne
an inexperienced php / perl / mysql developer
comfortable working on a linux platform
You  will be required to meet regularly with the client although the
rest of the time you will work from your own home / office
You will work with the client to scope out the new functionality and
provide an estimation on development time for all work.

Your services will be subcontracted through the web services company
that is managing the client account. There is no definite length for
this contract, although on past experience with the client the
development may be ongoing for several months.

If you are interested and available for the job, please reply to this
email with your contact details and a brief resume, work history, etc.
if you have it handy. I will get back in touch within 24 hours.

Kind regards,

David Baxter
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