[Melbourne-pm] Sept Fail 100 Bug Squash

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Thu Jul 30 03:27:36 PDT 2009

Alec Clews wrote:
> G'Day,
> Jarich proposed, and was enthusiastically supported, that we have a
> Perl Fail 100 bug squash session -- probably in Sept.
> For those not present the idea is that we get together at a meeting
> and see how many of the top 100 Perl bugs we can fix. The list is at
> http://ali.as/top100/)

I'm getting a 404 on that URL at the moment :(

> Since that is less than 8 weeks away perhaps we should start planning?

Sounds like a good plan!

> 1) Are we holding a planning session or a hackathon? or both?

I vote to skip the planning session and go straight for the hackathon.

> 2) Can we get a venue with internet access? there was some discussion
> that our current venue might be a networking problem... (I do have a
> WiFi router/hub we can use)

I think internet access would be pretty much required for us to be 
effective, at least as far as checking CPAN Testers, mailing lists, and 
IRC goes.

> 3) Shall we pair program and can we get the least experienced paired with most?
> 4) If we have a network then shall we deliver via GitHub or Gitorious.
> What would the workflow be? or use Git via ssh on a LAN? or an SVN
> server...

GitHub makes sense to me; I haven't tried Gitorious yet but don't have 
anything against it.

We could do without any of the above if there was just a wiki page with 
a list of projects people were working on and their Git repos, whereever 
they preferred?

I mean, I don't see us getting so many people involved that we need a 
massive amount of co-ordination.

== Win32::GUI ==
  * Toby - git://dryft.net/Win32-GUI
  * Alec - git://clewbat.org/~alec/Win32-Gui
== LPW::UserAgent ==
  * Nick - http://github.com/Damo/LWP-UserAgent

> 5) Can we support remote contributors e.g. using irc?

Sounds like a nice plan, but it would be good to get people together, 
wouldn't it? Otherwise wouldn't be that different to a global 
perlmongers push rather than local? (That said, nothing wrong with 
encouraging that either)

> 6) Does anyone not have a laptop to bring and do we have any
> alternative to offer?


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