[Melbourne-pm] Reminder: Meeting TONIGHT at 6:30pm

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Tue Jul 7 23:46:11 PDT 2009

   When:   Wednesday, TONIGHT, 6:30pm

   Where:  Remasys Pty Ltd
           Level 1
           180 Flinders St
           MELBOURNE VIC 3121

   What:   Serving the community, one argument at a time -- jarich
           Software deployment with git -- alecthegeek
           Perl news and gossip -- pjf

== Serving the community, one argument at a time -- Jacinta Richardson ==

The president of your committee is doing most of the work and none of the
management. The secretary hasn't written the minutes for any of the meetings
for the last 6 months (you wrote the last 4 agendas). The treasurer can't
access the bank account, and you haven't heard from your publicity officer
since you started planning the big event. Welcome to the fun of volunteer

== Software deployment with git -- Alec Clews ==

When deploying files into commercial environments it is vital to document
and audit the deployment of files across multiple application instances.

This paper presents a working example that addresses some of the major
issues relating to deployment such as automation, access control, logging
and change auditing.

Traditionally the git version control tool is used to manage development
source code and as a delivery point for other tools such as such Capistrano
or Puppet. However current deployment and system management frameworks often
use a specialist domain language or pidgin which can make them more complex
to deploy. Some tools also require the implementation of classes to perform
specific actions. Using git with a number of simple wrapper scripts can
greatly simplify the deployment implementation. In a system management
environment this effort is worthwhile, but for application deployment it is
often too much complex.

After attending this presentation attendees will be able to implement a
similar git based approach elsewhere in any modern scripting language or

== Perl news and gossip - Paul Fenwick ==

A secret release candidate[1] is out for Perl 5.10.0.  autodie 2.0 has been
released with a new hinting interface[2].  Rafael just resigned as bleadperl
pumpking[3], and Perl 5.11.0 (dev) and by inference 5.12.0 (stable) will
have strict on by default[4].

This session will be a chance to catch up on all the latest Perl news and




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