[Melbourne-pm] LifeHacker meeting? (Was: Upcoming meeting dates and talks!)

Josh Heumann melbourne.pm at joshheumann.com
Wed Jan 7 20:07:04 PST 2009

<quote who='Nathan Bailey' when='Thu, Jan 08, 2009 at 12:26:58PM +1100'>
> Is there any interest in doing a "LifeHacker" meeting, where a bunch
> of us do lighting talks about how we manage our productivity using
> tools, scripts, files and personal procedures and processes? (cf. your
> talk on BeeHive(?) Paul?).

I'd be interested in a Life Hacker-type meeting.  I have a few ways I
attempt to keep things in order that I'd be happy to share.  It's
probably a separate, non-perl-specific meeting, though.

I'd also love to hear if anyone can give a ringing endorsement of any of
the millions of ways of Getting Things Done(tm), either online like
Hiveminder, or locally sich as iGTD (which I keep meaning to play
with, but can never be convinced that it's any better than what I'm
doing now).


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