[Melbourne-pm] HTML::Template tutorial?

Mathew Robertson mathew.robertson at netratings.com.au
Wed Feb 4 19:22:03 PST 2009

> Hi Guys,
>  I'm trying to bring a web designer up to speed on creating templates 
> to suit HTML::Template. He needs to be introduced to templating real fast.
> Does anybody know of any tutorials which approach it from a 
> web designer's point of view, instead of a perl developer's point of view?
> It's pointless telling this guy how to populate variables, or what 
> methods will be called, he is just doing HTML, and leaving the databse 
> stuff to me.
I have worked with H::T extensively, so I am quite familiar with it.   
 From a web-designers' POV, the Perl coder should be creating a document 
which lists the names of the available variables, their datatypes, and 
their range of values.  If he's just doing HTML, then that is all he 
should need -> he shouldn't need a "howto template" document.

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