[Melbourne-pm] Git presentation for Perl Mongers

Alec Clews alec.clews at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 21:45:52 PST 2009


My git presentation will be on 11/March according to the schedule on the 
perl.net.au website.

It would be very helpful if folks would indicate what level they would 
like me to pitch at. e.g.

1) I'm a git n00b, I'm not even sure what distributed version control is
2) I use git a bit on my laptop. Show me how to use remote repos on Github
3) I use git on my laptop and remotely. Show me how to rebase and define 
custom merge drivers

I'll mix and match as far as possible, plus throw in some handy tips. 
However a general idea of peoples knowledge and expectations would be 
useful. I missed Toby's git presentation last year so I'm not sure what 
he covered either.


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