[Melbourne-pm] Roman numerals & assessing a CPAN module

Myf White myfwhite at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 17:39:05 PST 2009

My specific questions...

I need to convert roman numerals to arabic, and there seem to be quite a few
modules on the CPAN which can do this. So, has anyone used any of these and
have any recommendations?

   - Text::Roman
   - Roman
   - Math::Roman
   - Convert::Number::Roman

So on to more general questions...

I have a few methods for assessing whether to use a module, eg look at the
api to check it is suitable, check out bugs and bug reports, check when it
was last updated, check whether the author/maintainer also did/does things I
know and like, install it and give it a whirl etc.

But if there's no bug reports, do you reckon that's because there are no
bugs, or because no one is using it?

If something has been on CPAN for a long time, does that make it more
trustworthy or less so?

What methods do you use for assessing candidate modules?

Myf White
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