[Melbourne-pm] TONIGHT! Dr Damian Conway presents: The Missing Link

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Tue Dec 8 12:33:21 PST 2009

G'day Melbourne.pm,

This is a reminder that Dr Damian Conway will be presenting "The Missing
Link" TONIGHT, at 6:30pm.

In anticipation of a larger than usual crowd, we will be having our December
meeting at a larger venue.  Many thanks to Editure and Julien Goodwin for
the organisation:

	Wednesday, 9th December, 6:30pm

	Level 8
	14-20 Blackwood Street
	North Melbourne

Dr Damian Conway, author of "Object Oriented Perl" and "Perl Best
Practices", CEO of Thoughtstream, author of countless CPAN modules, and the
best presenter I have ever seen, will be presenting "The Missing Link":

	What do duality, annoyances in yellow, chaos theory, tables and
	metatables, patterns and data, cinematic reboots, watching trees
	grow, code that writes code that writes code that writes code,
	debugging debuggers, eating your own dog, "objects-in, objects-out",
	successful failures, anti-stacks, and active null statements have in
	common? Watch as Damian weaves them together into a new and
	improbably useful module that demonstrates the awesome power and
	beauty of Perl 5.10.

All Melbourne Perl Mongers meetings are free.  Invite your friends,
co-workers, and associates!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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