[Melbourne-pm] Dr Damian Conway presents: The Missing Link - 9th December, Editure (new venue)

Sam Watkins sam at nipl.net
Wed Dec 2 03:52:04 PST 2009

On Wed, Dec 02, 2009 at 08:54:51PM +1100, Damian Conway wrote:
> No-one has sent a winning proposal yet, so there's still time to secure it.
> If you'd like to be the proud owner of this classic device, send me
> a brief explanation of why it should be yours.

I'd like to port my public domain programming language "brace" to run on OS X,
as someone said told me it doesn't build yet, but I don't have a Mac.  Brief
enough?  :)  Brace is a dialect of C that looks a bit like python, implemented
by means of a preprocessor.  It has a few perl references such as "say" and
"slurp", #! scripting with cached executables, two types of coroutines, hygenic
macros, header generation, graphics and sound functions, and various other
stuff.  It's meant to be easy for kids to use it, but powerful enough for pros.


Supposing I don't win this, if anyone else has an old OS X capable mac lying
around, or is willing to let me ssh into one for a while, please let me know.
I need gcc, perl and an X server installed on it.


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