[Melbourne-pm] Sept Fail 100 Bug Squash

David Dick ddick at aapt.net.au
Mon Aug 24 04:38:00 PDT 2009

On 29/07/09 12:18, Alec Clews wrote:
> 2) Can we get a venue with internet access? there was some discussion
> that our current venue might be a networking problem... (I do have a
> WiFi router/hub we can use)
Remasys has purchased a Wifi router for use by Melbourne PM.  So we now 
have a NATed internet link + router with dhcp all set up and ready to go.
> 3) Shall we pair program and can we get the least experienced paired with most?
> 4) If we have a network then shall we deliver via GitHub or Gitorious.
> What would the workflow be? or use Git via ssh on a LAN? or an SVN
> server...
> 5) Can we support remote contributors e.g. using irc?
Afaik, we have holes in the firewall for outgoing ssh/http/https and 
dns, as these are the protocols i tend to use.  Do we want irc or 
anything else? Not that it should provide any drama, but it will need 
organising beforehand.
> 6) Does anyone not have a laptop to bring and do we have any
> alternative to offer?
And does anyone have a laptop that cannot handle wireless? Should we 
provide ethernet as well as wireless connectivity?

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