[Melbourne-pm] learn computer programming

Sam Watkins swatkins at fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 15 00:45:29 PDT 2009

On Tue, 14 Apr 2009 12:27 +1000, "Daniel Pittman" <daniel at rimspace.net>
> For the sake of clarity, I intended to ask Sam because I have now seen
> this advertisement on close to a dozen mailing lists, and presumably it
> has gone to more outside my sight.

hi Daniel,

I sent it to 5 lists, maybe that was a bit overboard.

  luv-main, au linuxchix, progchix, melbourne-pm, luv-beginners

And I sent it to luv-main twice because the first time I sent it without
a subject by mistake. Duh.

I also posted the ad on some online classifieds sites and mentioned it
on facebook.

Thanks for your original comments on luv-main, I'll try to improve the
page and
make it more attractive and informative.

Happily, I have met 3 people interested in learning programming, given
one two hour lesson already, and been asked to work on 2 biggish
programming projects as a result of posting my advertisement.


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