[Melbourne-pm] Back to Perl.... Next meeting Wednesday 15th October

Guy Morton guy at alchemy.com.au
Tue Sep 23 07:04:41 PDT 2008

Throwaway lines are all I have time for, and I'm not sure I have all  
that much of interest to say anyway...

Thanks for the vote of confidence though. :-)


On 23/09/2008, at 6:39 PM, Tony Smith wrote:

> On 23/09/2008, at 5:55 PM, Jacinta Richardson wrote:
>> I'm unilaterally[2] deciding to move the next meeting
>> date to the following Wednesday 15th October.
> Just say we are having it, as (almost) always, on the third last  
> Tuesday in October.
> Suits me very well. I have something that outranks Melb-PM on the 8th.
> But as usual recently I haven't got anything of relevance to say,  
> although it would be good to hear Guy Morton expand on his recent  
> throwaway line about JavaScript and SVG.
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