[Melbourne-pm] Back to Perl.... Next meeting Wednesday 15th October

Andrew Dent sgc294 at internode.on.net
Tue Sep 23 04:38:55 PDT 2008

Opps, I should have checked the calendar. As Oct 1 is a Wednesday, this 
will mean that they will still be on consecutive nights. :-(

Andrew Dent wrote:
> G'day Jacinta
> This is great news as it is a stretch to go to the both the Sage 
> meeting and the Perl Mongers meeting on consecutive nights.
> Cheers
> Andrew Dent
> Jacinta Richardson wrote:
>> G'day folk,
>> Traditionally our next meeting would be on the 8th October.  However, 
>> Paul and I
>> will be away training *again* on that date, and as I have some 
>> goodies[1] to
>> bring along and give away; I'm unilaterally[2] deciding to move the 
>> next meeting
>> date to the following Wednesday 15th October.  If this means you can 
>> come when
>> you normally wouldn't be able to: bonus!  If it means it now 
>> conflicts with
>> something else: my apologies.
>> I haven't got any speakers for the next meeting, and the give-aways 
>> won't take
>> that long; so does anyone have anything cool they want to talk 
>> about?  For the
>> long-time members - is now a good time to re-give a talk from years ago?
>> Talk suggestions welcome.  Also, remember that we have a library.
>> http://perl.net.au/wiki/Melbourne_Perl_Mongers/Bookshelf  If you'd 
>> like me to
>> bring along a book for you to borrow, please let me know (and then 
>> remind me).
>> All the best,
>>     Jacinta
>> [1] - OSDC 2004/2005 t-shirts and other conference things; more 
>> details to come
>> [2] - Not that unilaterally, some of us spoke about this at the pub 
>> and everyone
>> involved in that conversation seemed happy with the idea.
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