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Don't discount .net languages because they're committed to IIS / win


It sounds like you're still finding what's best for you as far as a
language goes and that's good because you'll be exposing yourself to all
the styles of development and giving yourself plenty of options. 

Moving forward though you'll want to find 1 or 2 core languages and
focus on them. Unless you're one of those uber genius types that can
learn everything and anything! 

Nathan Bentley

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That's interesting. 

I suppose that I should say where I am getting my learning from at
As a graphics student I have access to all of the VTC [Virtual Training
Company] tutorials. In fact, I only discovered such access [In addition
the Indesign VTC tutorials listed specifically in my written course
notes] a
few months ago. After 5 mins I realised that I had access to a treasure
trove! I went absolutely crazy :) I mean, nobody in human history tried
learn more about computers at the same time!! I got into loads of
There's stuff on ethical hacking, encryption, mysql, 3D animation,
engine optimisation...and of course umpteen programming languages of
Java and Ruby have been the ones that I have got into the most. I add
the people who give these tutorials are incredible.  

I admit that some of this stuff goes over my head a bit. I mean, I will
never be an ethical hacker. Interesting to know how they do it though!!
And a bit frightening. I have to say, knowing what tools they age and
anybody can get them I will never buy anything over the net.  

So it's been self-taught application that's been the go so far. At least
programming. I do have a tutor for the graphic design in my course. 

Interesting that you mention the .net framework programming. I did get
those tutorials by Mark Long. What I don't like is that .net is limited
the windows OS platform. I could get into javascript as well. There are
tutes on it. 

I guess that it all dovetails into that old question of self-taught
qualified people and at present I am going gangbusters teaching myself.
Whether doing a course proper would augment my learning or stymie it is
difficult question and something that I will have to decide, I suppose.

Thanks again

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Hi John

As a recruiter I can tell you where the money is at the moment and
speculate on the future if cash is your priority?

Given that you likely have a creative bent since you're doing design Guy
is spot on in his recommendation for Flash and the like. 

The development languages like Perl, C's and C.net's might not be as
useful to you from a career point of view as
AS3/Flash/Flex/AIR/Silverlight or Jscript/AJAX since they're the hot
topic with growing Internet trends where media studies also put options
on the table.

If you want to play it safe, ASP.net might give you the best of both
worlds? PHP plays with the creative languages more and more and there is
a lot of community driven resource to help you learn it also.

PHP is getting a bit more portable these days too, although Java is
still the king of the hill for growth sectors like portable media.

In terms of training, I know of a couple of places that can knock you
out a quick course, but, as with all development you're going to need to
get a basic introduction and then work the language yourself to learn
it. You'll end up paying huge amounts of coin for very little practical
knowledge if you rely on training institutions alone.

What's that quote from the Matrix? "Knowing the path isn't walking the

A crowd named dynamicwebtraining.com.au had a good rep in Sydney when I
was in the industry, they can offer a fair bit, but get your wallet

Good luck with it!

Nathan Bentley

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Forget Dreamweaver. Learn Flex (or SVG+Javascript, or preferably both).

Get an iPhone and write an app for it in SVG+Javascript..


On 20/09/2008, at 9:17 PM, John Thornton wrote:

>      Hello
>           I am a uni graduate [BA in maths/philosophy...yeah I know I
> wasted my youth :)] and at the moment I am doing a Dip of Graphics  
> Design by
> distance mode. It's a pretty tough course actually: photoshop,  
> Indesign etc.
> I am looking to work in the graphic design area in the future.  
> Anyway, I am
> enjoying getting into programming so much, especially Java and Ruby,  
> that I
> am open to doing a computer science/programming course in the  
> future. Anyone
> know of any that are aimed at people with no programming knowledge  
> or close
> to it? I would prefer TAFE or off campus. I do not understand the
> postgraduate fee system. I want something hands on where I get to  
> program.
> Sure, you have to understand something about what an object is to do  
> OOP.
> Fine. But I mean I don't need the history of programming, socio  
> postmodern
> Derrida critique of the programming ethos etc etc [OK that's a touch
> sarcastic].
>      I really have to make a big decision in the near future with  
> where I
> go with this graphics stuff. One option is to complement it with  
> some web
> programming/set up stuff which would be where programming could come  
> in.
> Other options are to spend my money instead on more software and  
> even at
> student prices software in graphics costs a bit! I have Indesign,
> Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. They are HUGE  
> programs. If
> anyone knows of any good Dreamweaver/web courses that would be good  
> too.
>     Anyway, hope that the Storm can come back. [I am a Melbournite]
>     John
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