[Melbourne-pm] more computer programming stuff

John Thornton jdthornton at ozemail.com.au
Sat Sep 20 04:17:14 PDT 2008

           I am a uni graduate [BA in maths/philosophy...yeah I know I
wasted my youth :)] and at the moment I am doing a Dip of Graphics Design by
distance mode. It's a pretty tough course actually: photoshop, Indesign etc.
I am looking to work in the graphic design area in the future. Anyway, I am
enjoying getting into programming so much, especially Java and Ruby, that I
am open to doing a computer science/programming course in the future. Anyone
know of any that are aimed at people with no programming knowledge or close
to it? I would prefer TAFE or off campus. I do not understand the
postgraduate fee system. I want something hands on where I get to program.
Sure, you have to understand something about what an object is to do OOP.
Fine. But I mean I don't need the history of programming, socio postmodern
Derrida critique of the programming ethos etc etc [OK that's a touch

      I really have to make a big decision in the near future with where I
go with this graphics stuff. One option is to complement it with some web
programming/set up stuff which would be where programming could come in.
Other options are to spend my money instead on more software and even at
student prices software in graphics costs a bit! I have Indesign,
Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. They are HUGE programs. If
anyone knows of any good Dreamweaver/web courses that would be good too.

     Anyway, hope that the Storm can come back. [I am a Melbournite]


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