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Andrew Dent sgc294 at internode.on.net
Wed Sep 17 20:50:00 PDT 2008

G'day John

It appears to me that you gave the VTC Perl training course a chance, 
but didn't give the Perl language a chance. Many people suggested other 
ways of learning Perl instead of the VTC Perl Training you were doing.
Anyway, good luck with Java.
Be sure to make an investment in yourself and start buying Java books. I 
suggest starting with a book aimed at learning Java. Don't just rely 
only on the VTC Java training course. If you like Arthur Griffith, then 
support his work and buy some of his books. But don't just rely on one 
author, even for the same topic.
The internet is a great resource, but I have found it is not as good as 
having a book on your shelf you can pick up, feel, read at your 
pleasure, dwell on when working on a project or search through when 
stuck on a difficult problem. The more books you have the better off you 
will be.


Andrew Dent

John Thornton wrote:
>       Look, I am grateful t0 the pointers that people have given me here.
> Maybe it is a matter of teaching to some extent; the perl lesson on VTC is
> not that good whereas the Java lessons on VTC are taught by a professional
> programmer - Arthur Griffith who has written so many books on how to program
> that it's not funny. 
> 	But that being said, there is to me something awkward about Perl
> that I don't like. Put it this way. In the first VTC lessons on Perl the
> teacher says "this language may seem alien now but it will work out". My
> honest response was "well, this IS alien and I don't see that changing". I
> don't like that shebang line at all. That is ugly to me.  
>  Maybe it's the browser formatting and I wouldn't like to do that with any
> language. 
>  Objectively Perl is probably a simpler language to learn than Java. But I
> am starting to get my mind around the classes of Java, its brackets etc, in
> a way that never happened with Perl. 
> Perl seems to be a bit of an anarchic language to me - let's break the
> rules. But as a beginner I really need rules.
> John  
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