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On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 10:22:53PM +1000, Sisyphus wrote:
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>> At the pub last night some of us discussed the Acer Aspire.  I couldn't 
>> remember
>> all the details then, but here's what the Good Guys are selling (
> .
> .
>> Hard Drive Size
>> 8GB SSD
> 8 gigs ? ... wow ..... ;-)
> Seriously (assuming that one does, in fact, get at least a little more than 
> 8 gigs of storage) that looks to be quite inviting. What was the general 
> feeling about this from you (knowledgeable) people ?

No, it really is just 8GB.
However, the machine comes with two SD card slots. The idea is that you use one
(or both) of them for extra storage.. so whack another 32 GB of SDHC into a
slot and leave it, and that's 40GB total.
The default Linux distro on there can seamlessly integrate the new card into
your total storage. (I guess it is using LVM or something.. I'm not sure)

Personally I quite want either an eee or this acer (aa1).. I'm waiting until
October when they're releasing a slightly tweaked model with twice the battery
capacity and apparently some UMTS/HSDPA 3G data thing built-in.


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