[Melbourne-pm] Acer Aspire

Sisyphus sisyphus1 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Sep 11 05:22:53 PDT 2008

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From: "Jacinta Richardson" <jarich at perltraining.com.au>
> At the pub last night some of us discussed the Acer Aspire.  I couldn't 
> remember
> all the details then, but here's what the Good Guys are selling (
> Hard Drive Size

8 gigs ? ... wow ..... ;-)

Seriously (assuming that one does, in fact, get at least a little more than 
8 gigs of storage) that looks to be quite inviting. What was the general 
feeling about this from you (knowledgeable) people ?

My usual supplier doesn't have a very high opinion of Acer. About 12 months 
ago I purchased a 2nd hand Acer laptop through her, and she was at great 
pains to point out that the particular machine I was purchasing dated from 
*before* Acer started making rubbish.

My old linux desktop is starting to get a little shaky, and I suspect that 
I'll soon be in the market for a new linux box (doesn't have to be 
desktop) - though I'll probably opt for a 64-bit architecture. Cheap and 
reliable is what I'll be looking for. Any advice welcome.


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