[Melbourne-pm] Flyers advertising local PM groups

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Oct 28 19:21:31 PDT 2008

G'day folk,

Perl Training Australia teaches Perl to about 100 people a year, scattered over
Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra (and occasionally elsewhere - Perth, Adelaide).
We *always* mention the appropriate local user group, but I don't get the
impression that we ever gain any new members for the groups.

One thing I'd really like is to start handing out flyers for groups which might
be of interest to our students at the end of the class.  I'm planning on
mentioning SAGE-AU, the local LUG, the local PM group and the OSDC.  What I
don't want to have to do is create the flyers.  For the PM groups, which are all
non-registered informal groups with no funds, we can cover the costs of printing
the flyers - in full colour - one or may be 2-sided, for our course purposes.  I
would hope that having a few flyer designs would also prove useful to the group
for things like Software Freedom Day, user group events etc.

If you have the skills to make a pretty flyer to advertise your group, mentioning:

	* PM group name
	* Website
	* Meeting schedule (i.e. "2nd Wednesday of the month")
	* Meeting location
	* Why people should come (what should they expect?)

then please send it to your local list for feedback.  etc.  We're next training
in Canberra (18th - 21st November) and then Sydney (8th - 12th December), so if
there is material by then I'd be happy to pass it out.

All the best,


PS:  I've sent the reply-to to me so that responses don't spam all three lists.
 Please direct group responses back to your local list.  ;)

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