[Melbourne-pm] Strange behaviour from Net::TFTP

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Thu Oct 16 17:59:15 PDT 2008

Leigh Sharpe wrote:
> Hi guys,
>  I'm seeing what I consider to be odd behaviour using Net::TFTP to copy 
> some files to a remote machine. The part of the code giving me problems 
> is this:
> use strict;
> use warnings;
> use Net::TFTP;
> my $ip="";                                # Insert IP address of 
> your TFTP server here.   
> my $tftp=Net::TFTP->new($ip);     
> $tftp->put("file1", "file1") or print "Problem saving file1: 
> ".$tftp->error()."\n";
> $tftp->put("file2", "file2") or print "Problem saving file2: 
> ".$tftp->error()."\n";
> $tftp->put("file3", "file3") or print "Problem saving file3: 
> ".$tftp->error()."\n";
> $tftp->put("file4", "file4") or print "Problem saving file4: 
> ".$tftp->error()."\n";
> If all 4 files exist, all is OK. However, if file3 does not exist, I get 
> the following:
>>perl tftp_test.pl
> Problem saving file3: file3: No such file or directory
> Problem saving file4: file3: No such file or directory
> Now, I can understand that the error message reported by $tftp->error() 
> contains the last error encountered, ie that file3 doesn't exist, but 
> there is no reason why copying file4 should fail, because it does exist. 
> Worse still, file4 is created on the TFTP server, but is empty. So the 
> non-existence of file3 is causing the copy of file4 to fail.
> Anyody care to comment on why?
> Should I be calling some other method in between put()'s?
> I considered just DESTROYing the object after each put(), and creating a 
> new one, but that just seems wrong.
> I could of course test for the existence of each file first, but the 
> docs for Net::TFTP indicate that the above should work, and I'd like to 
> know what I'm missing.

It smells quite similar to this bug report:

Perhaps try applying the patches from there and see if it solves the 

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