[Melbourne-pm] IO::File with Capture for Quota

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Wed Oct 15 20:39:53 PDT 2008

Scott Penrose wrote:
> Hey Guys
> I am writing a module at the moment to capture IO::File open to allow me to work out the difference in file size at the start and end of an operation.
> My code basically works, but it is a huge hack, and requires a hack on the call to make it work.
> Firstly let me show you how I would expect the code to work:
[snip code]
> Note that close and DESTROY are partially duplicates for the moment. I would probably complete the work by using a separate method based on the filename (after sync) called from close & destroy. The reason close is important is that it may be used while the object still exists and we want to know as close to closing time as possible.
> ALSO NOTE - this captures the wrong size using "-s" as it is before the file is flushed - I can fix those problems easily later.
> Right down to my questions:
> 1) Is there anyway of getting from a file handle:
>     - That it is a file on disk, rather than Socket or Pipe
>     - The filename of that file

fstat() works upon filehandles directly, avoiding the needing to keep 
the filename around. Might make life easier for you, and also allow you 
to work with temporary files that were created and unlinked after open.

> 2) What else would you change - in functions, calls and purpose to make this a useful CPAN module

The name of the module implies that it is meant to be performing quota 
management, but the actual action seems to be more like performing a 
generic call-back upon close..
If you're actually looking to enforce quotas, wouldn't you need to check 
the data written at every write, rather than upon close?
In that case, rather than use '-s' (or fstat()) to get the size, you 
could use the return from fnprintf() or similar, which gives you the 
number of bytes written.. then you can do something like:
die "Quota exceeded!" unless ($bytes_written <= $remaining_quota);
$remaining_quota -= $bytes_written;


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