[Melbourne-pm] Perl Monger give-aways and October/November meetings

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Oct 8 23:34:34 PDT 2008

G'day folk,

Whenever the next meeting should happen to be; if I can manage to get there:

	next Tuesday:   clashes with SAGE-AU Vic
	next Wednesday: I'm busy
	next Thursday   (CURRENT NOMINATION) clashes with OSIA Melb
	next Friday:    ... people have lives ...

I have these things to give away:

T-shirts OSDC 2004  (long sleeves, sponsors on back, white, coloured sleeves)
1 small regular (blue sleeves)
7 medium regular "        "
1 large helper   (red sleeves)

T-shirts OSDC 2005 (short sleeves, thicker material, no sponsors, black)
1 small regular (all black)
1 medium helper (red sleeves)
4 large regular (all black)
1 large helper  (red sleeves)

Proceedings & Schwag bags
Some left over 2004 bags (empty).  Simple tote bag, calico, printed 1 side.
3 copies of 2005 proceedings
4 2005 schwag bags complete with proceedings, firefox secrets etc & 3 year old

I'm not sure what's the fairest way to do this, since some of our regulars will 
be busy no matter what night we pick; so I'm very happy to wait until the 
November meeting for these give-aways and instead have you all turn up to Alec's 
OSIA talk for this month's meeting (followed by a trip to the pub afterwards of 

What do other's suggest?


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