[Melbourne-pm] THIS WEDNESDAY, 12th Nov, Perl Mongers End-of-year awesomeness!

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Fortunately the beer will not be so challenged!

Alec (using toy telephone computer)
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G'day everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that this Wednesday is a very special end-of-year
Melbourne Perl Mongers celebration!  Rather than having a speaker, we have
something much much better.... give-aways!

We have OSDC T-shirts from 2004 and 2005, we've got OSDC chocolates[1].
We've got books on firefox secrets.  We've got OSDC proceedings, and we've
got mystery prizes!

The meeting will be held at the very special celebratory place of:



	Portland Hotel (Public Bar)
	Corner Lt Collins & Russell Sts

	Website: http://www.portlandhotel.com.au/

Looking forward to seeing you there!


[1] Chocolates may be chronologically challenged.

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