[Melbourne-pm] Internationali[sz]ation

Guy Morton guy at alchemy.com.au
Wed May 28 23:11:57 PDT 2008

ize is arguably more correct, and is not really an americanisation.  
That said, I favour ise, probably for the reasons outlined here:



On 29/05/2008, at 3:37 PM, Peter Machell wrote:

> On 29/05/2008, at 3:16 PM, Simon Taylor wrote:
>> We moved effortlessly to the metric system because of our culture,
>> (even
>> if we spell 'metre' the French way), and the US
>> has not manged this transition because of theirs.
> I don't understand this argument. Nor do I think we moved
> effortlessly. I'm 36 and was taught metric at school, but still think
> of small distances in feet and inches and long ones in kilometres, a
> result of the culture I was raised in.
>> But no matter how you dice it, their spelling is better....
> My opinion is better than yours? Color and Mom are horrible and don't
> make phonetic sense without the US accent (not that their aren't lots
> of similar English examples). I can't help but correct Program every
> time I see it, not to mention almost anything with a z in it.
> Anyway I agree that our culture wouldn't suffer much if we all
> submitted to the US way, but isn't the ultimate end of that line of
> thinking complete Americanizzzation?
> regards,
> Peter.
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